Abandoned Farm

THE LOCATION: The focus of the investigations has been a cluster of buildings that dated back to the late 1800's/early 1900's. Upon entering the area everything appears relatively normal. However after crossing the plantation line the road begins a sharp descent, nearly 30 degrees down. The land drops off into deep valleys on both sides of the road as it twists and turns 90 to 140 degrees left and right. A noticeable trait of the area is the relatively young age of the surrounding trees. Located in the left turn is the foundation of the house. The House was a large, multi leveled colonial style home built primarily from wood and stone. To the left/center of the house was located a small wooden bridge.. this has been replaced with an earthen bridge about 15 feet from the original location. Behind the house stands a small shack, roughly 8x8 feet. To the right of the house is a large tin shed, corn crib, chicken coop and feed barn. To the right of the tin shed is a large stone foundation (very possibly the Chapel from a previous era). An additional 10x10 shack is located in front of the house. To the left of the bridge is an open field and a 200 foot sheer rock cliff. The entire area is located on ground which is very unsuitable for any sort of large scale farming due to the cliffs an soil. THE LEGENDS: This has been compiled from eye witness accounts, urban legend, historic events and court record research. The area has been a local legend for many generations. Sometime during the late 1900's the road name was changed. During that point the **** family was the primary residence along the road... during their stay there were a total of 16 suicides reported in their family, nearly all of which were located in or in the immediate vicinity of the house. The remaining 1 was the suicide of a young man elsewhere , a result of his accidental shooting of his girlfriend in that house. There were several murders surrounding the area. Some attributed to this location are the torture and murder of a prostitute, the execution style murders of 2 people under the awning of one of the outbuildings, two undetermined murders of a couple, as well as numerous hangings and drownings. Unconfirmed reports tell a tale of a mysterious plantation that once covered this ground (a story that explains the numerous work and storage sheds on the grounds). The owner of the plantation was reportedly was a sadistic man who tortured his slaves, and at times saw fit to murder them. He said to have gone crazy, turned to devil worship and murdered his entire family before burning the plantation. This legend coincides with the nearby located 1929 Lawson Family Murders with the exception of the satanic worship and fire. Currently three stories surrounding the location have been confirmed through area law enforcement and court records THE FIRST INVESTIGATION: Currently several day runs, and two night runs have been successfully completed. In the large tobacco shed located 1 mile west of the foundation (reported as being the site of the murder of two children by their father) audio recording captured the sound of voice (or possibly multiple voices... it was captured in two distinct tracks) saying "Help Us'. A bright, distinct reddish/white anomaly was also captured on film here. Visual inspection showed a sound tobaccos shed, with normal damage and wear, however essentially very intact. Both porches also were intact. Behind the shed the terrain became steeper and rougher, however we found some junk, metal debris from an old car. EMF readings showed the overhead lines to be too weak to register from the ground. After walking the area, we set up a Magnavox VHS camcorder on a tripod filming the rear entrance of the building. Also an audio tape was set up using a GE full size cassette recorder, external microphone extended full the full length of the cord away from the machine, and TDK High Bias 110 audio tapes. Only the A side of these tapes are recorded on. EMF readings inside of the building were normal. Once equipment was set up we left the building and the immediate area, to allow the recording equipment to work uninterrupted. At all times a person was spotting the building to be sure no person, animal etc. entered or exited without being documented. Russell took part of watch while two members crossed the main road, and went some distance along a path into the woods on the other side. Essentially this appeared to be an old logging trail that dead ended. Quiet a few small animal bones were found as well. In the corn crib a compass fluctuation of 30+ degrees was witnessed by two members In this same shack, Christine experienced the sensation of being touched on her hand. LG simultaneously witnessed the hair on Christine's arm standing up. A red welt also appeared on her hand that remained throughout the evening. As she left the corn crib, she felt someone's hand touch her hair. We followed by setting up the video camera on the shed behind the foundation of the main house. This shed has some interesting burn patterns on the floor and support beams. It is also home to a good bit of junk dating back to the 20' or 30's and oddly has not been disturbed. We allowed the camera to film undisturbed. The video camera catches on oddity... the camera begins shifting focus although nothing has crossed the screen. As soon as the focus change begins you can hear a sharp step inside the building, followed by approximately 4 more steps towards the camera on the ground. The sound stops and the focus immediately refocuses and stays still. No more sounds are heard following this. Audio tape recording at the same time confirms this activity, with the addition of the sound of a bell and laughter. During this same time we set the audio recorder near remnants of the fireplace in the foundation of the main house. Tape was set up by member. The first EVP captured is the sound of a chime or bell. Likened to a tuning fork being struck but not allowed to vibrate more than once. Very distinct, and separate from other sounds. The second is a short cry followed by 2 1/2 distinct raps as if on a door or table. There is nothing in that location that could be the source for the noise, and it too is distinct and above the static. The third is a voice that pronounces two syllables. After lowering the pitch once it distinctly says "Hello" in an odd flat inflection, with an odd speech pattern. It's worth noting that these sounds are very distinct in how they sound on the tape... there isn't any mistaking them for background noise. The foundation is also the location of several interesting orb photos. All but four of the investigation team witnessed a form, what appeared to be a person (in fact was initially mistaken for a team member) walking along the tree line at the river towards us. A dense fog quickly followed the apparition, and just as quickly dispersed. The NOAA does not have a classification of fog that would follow the local weather conditions for that night. A Second Night Investigation has been done! Activity was higher than the first time, with a spirit mocking, one walking in circles, a full apparition, and a playful... or irritated spirit grabbing keys and people, and the infamous bells being recorded again. SECOND INVESTIGATION: The activity of the first time, coupled with the spectacular EVP was cause enough for use to do a second night time investigation. This time was of shorter duration but appeared even more active. Perhaps because of the smaller group? Perhaps it was just "right"? The evening began shortly before sundown with the placement and setting up of equipment. This time in effort to hopefully capture the sound recordings of before and also to possibly triangulate the position as well as securing the location better we set up multiple cameras and audio recording equipment as well as posting 2 investigators at all times to watch the building from the outside. An audio recorder was set up inside in the same position as previously. A second machine was set up in the same location approximately 8-10 feet away from the first one. A video camera was set up outside the door filming inside and covering the entire entrance (the only possible entrance) and the inside area. Our first activity occurred then, although we wouldn't know it until the video tape was played back. As the set up investigator walked away from the cameras and out of sound range he made a remark in reference to our hopes of picking up the bells from the previous investigation, about how the ghosties were probably laughing at us even now and would spend the night making bell sounds just to annoy us. Several minutes later the video camera picks up the sound of a small childlike voice saying "Boonnng" followed by stilted laughter. It is interesting to note that while the voice was clear and easily identified as a child it had a flat atonal quality to it likened to a 2 dimensional picture. Again later on the camera would show an empty building even as the sound of constant walking could be heard. This continued for over 8 minutes with occasional interruptions and 'banging into furniture' sounds as well. It was not heard again on any of our sound equipment. EMF Fluctuations occurred spontaneously throughout the night. During the evening two investigators left this area to scout out another area where we had previously also captured photos and EVP. This walk took them through a grassy area with relatively high, thick vegetation. As is habit, one investigator had car keys attached to his belt and tucked into his pocked to prevent loss or noise that could interfere with sound recordings. Upon return to the set up location he found his keys missing and begin to panic as he retraced his steps (after all... he wasn't getting back into his car or going home without them!). A fruitless search brought him back in frustration only to find the keys dangling in the ignition. Since several investigators witnessed him remove the keys prior and also witnessed him with the keys at a later point it was at least a very curious occurrence (downright scary even....) During the time these two investigators where gone, the other two remained in position monitoring the building where recording equipment was operating. Periodic temperature and EMF readings occupied the time. At one point a somewhat distant metallic banging was heard from the other side of the road. Assuming it was either the missing two investigators looking around in a building or something in the distance the noise was noted and ignored. Several minutes later it repeated but louder and closer. Again noted and now concerned the two investigators began looking for a reason. The sound repeated again twice more, louder and closer each time the final time being almost overhead. The closest comparable sound would be the sound of an anvil being struck. Fearing imminent storms or something happening to the other two both investigators called the other two in by radio. Interestingly there are several things to note about this sound: 1) it was NOT captured by any of the sound equipment so we can not verify it 2) the other two investigators did not hear it and 3) the sound AND the fact the some hear it and others don't has occurred before to other people who have written there statements for us. It is completely unknown what it was nor can we find a suitable explanation for the occurrence. Later evaluation of the audio and video tapes revealed we had indeed captured the bells. Completely different equipment was used including different brands of tapes to removed the possibility it was a machine error or a tape quirk. The bells again sounded frequently and sporadically, sometimes singularly at other times together in different tones, one after the other. A possible explanation was presented that somehow the shifts of the earth plates could possibly cause such faint sound that could be recorded as sounding like bells. We have no evidence that this is so, but are looking into the possibility with the help of those more experienced in the fields of geology and geophysics. On the other hand, it in no way explains the laughter and voices. So what IS out there? We have more than a few stories and experiences from others, including local law enforcement. It is unfortunate that kids looking for a party location or date place with a high creepiness factor, as well as those with a penchant for vandalism have caused headaches for property care taker and local law. It may never be known for sure what it is. But it was a most interesting investigation which gave us much evidence to evaluate and hypothesize over for some time! FINAL NOTE: Local law now patrols even more frequently and will ask you to leave.